Not this again!

Every six months I spend exactly one day pretending I’m going to blog again. yay! It’s that time again! Thank god I’m not wasting all that money on domain names for no reason! whew!

I recently paid off my debt with a personal loan and can finally breathe a bit. I have always had a horrible habit of spending the pain away, but the pandemic has really put me in a place to strive towards my goals. I would have been able to pay everything off this year, but I really wanted to be able to start saving for my five year plan (more on that later) as well as working on projects around the home. Spending another 9 months at the skin of my teeth was worth the interest % of taking out a loan and having a plan to pay it off early. I am NEVER going back to my reckless spending youth, and I finally feel like I’m spending and saving TOWARDS something rather than running from it.

This week on the Homefront we half assed some wire storage, got the monitor set up on the work desk, and charged some oft-unused bluetooth accessories in order to spend 4 hours organizing design plans on Milanote.

I have a love/ hate relationship with all project organizers. Milanote does a lot of things right, and a lot of things half-baked. The 100 image limit for the free service was just enough to get me through three boards – one for the bedroom, one for the workspace, and one to organize some of my favorite artwork off of society6. I loved being able to switch between columns and freely laying out photos, but there was a distinct lack of sorting/ filtering/ gridding columns that left it feeling like I was losing track of collections by putting them in a single file row. I’d have rather had smaller images in a grid, but there is a severe lack of toggle-able options.

I use Notion for keeping track of data-rich info like paying off debt or listing personal task-rewards to curb spending, and I’d love to see some simple data entry tables in Milanote. If I could blend that aspect of Notion with Milanote’s freestyle grid design, It would be a perfect combination.

I’m currently in the process of two design projects in the home, the bedroom and the workspace. Here’s what I was able to do in milanote:


Plans for the workspace. Lots of storage, and that new iMac I’m obsessed with.

The goal here is lots of low storage (almost an entire wall is getting the IKEA cabinet treatment) and keeping the wallspace design and project focused. There’s still a lot of work to be done clearing out existing projects before I even get started with a fresh coat of paint. This room used to be my bedroom before I switched the rooms, and it was SO WORTH IT to be able to work in a wider, brighter space while sleeping in my dark lil cave. The workspace also holds my too-big TV/ entertainment section (gratefull remnants of my ill-spending past) and a settee/ chair combo for lounging, so being able to hide away supplies when not using them is a must. There is so much I want to get my hands into that I need the Workspace to thrive.


The goal here is Japandi comfort realness. Since the smaller room only has one window, the curtains were ditched (to be reused in the workspace) and the horrible, dark pink-beige 90s paint is the next to go. I recently received some bright, colorful artwork that’s going to serve better in the workspace, so I’ve sourced some moodier wabi sabi inspired pieces for the bedroom. The closet is staying hidden hoarder couture, so I’ve opted for a standing capsule wardrobe stand that should be arriving soon. The plan is that the room only serves it’s essential purposes while providing a comforting escape. I will potentially be making a DIY wall treatment as a headboard.

I am heavily considering a Milanote subscription, as the drag and drop nature of the board creation was so helpful compared to my normal style of pinning and forgetting, or throwing things into the notes app. If you’d like to try Milanote, let me know what you think! For my next project, I’m planning on trying to plan with Notion to see how well that works visually.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite artwork from Society6 in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if anyone ever sees this, here’s a shameless invite link. Let’s both get that money towards some artwork y’all!

Two referral codes was not my intention of this post considering it is the very first post on a blog with no readers, but that’s what being frugal is all about I guess. Catch you next time!

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